Eterna is a perpetual futures DEX that draws its liquidity from the market’s largest centralized exchanges.


company location
Dubai, UAE
Year founded


Eterna introduces a groundbreaking perpetual futures exchange, revolutionizing DeFi trading. By granting access to deep CEX liquidity pools, KYC requirements are eliminated. Eterna serves as a vital bridge between CEXs and DEXs, offering a hybrid trading platform that marries CEX liquidity with DEX privacy and security. This innovative approach draws liquidity from prominent CEXs, empowering investors to take larger positions and employ higher leverage than on comparable futures DEX platforms.

The user-friendly Eterna platform is home to over 200 perpetual futures contracts and 300 spot pairs. Notably, it facilitates comprehensive access to the entire DeFi landscape through its universal swap feature. This universal swap enables cross-chain trading between Ethereum and BSC blockchains, with ongoing addition of new networks.

Eterna's distinctive trading tools furnish investors with invaluable insights, providing them with a competitive edge over other DEXs. Security and transparency are paramount at Eterna, as evidenced by partnerships with globally renowned cybersecurity firms Chainalysis and Palo Alto Networks.

In alignment with its commitment to accessibility, Eterna prioritizes catering to both crypto newcomers and experts. The platform's dedication to offering a seamless and secure trading experience resonates across the global crypto community, underlining Eterna's status as a trailblazing force in the DeFi and trading landscape.

Dedicated to funding a Sybil-proof experience across all digital platforms.

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