Easily manage, secure, and govern all identities with the enterprise-grade ForgeRock Platform.


company location
San Francisco, CA
Year founded

2010, IPO in 2021

ForgeRock is a dynamic and innovative software company that specializes in providing modern identity and access management solutions. Established with a focus on addressing the complexities of digital identity, ForgeRock has grown into a leader in its field, catering to a diverse range of industries worldwide.

At its core, ForgeRock offers a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to securely manage identities, streamline access, and ensure compliance across various applications and devices. The company's solutions cover identity and access management, customer identity and access management, as well as identity gateway functionalities.

What sets ForgeRock apart is its commitment to open-source principles. The company's platform is built on open standards, fostering interoperability, customization, and flexibility. This approach empowers businesses to create seamless and secure user experiences while adapting to their unique needs.

ForgeRock's innovative solutions not only enhance security but also contribute to business growth. By providing a holistic view of user identities and their interactions, organizations can make informed decisions, personalize experiences, and enhance customer engagement.

With a global presence, ForgeRock serves a wide array of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, and more. Its cutting-edge technology addresses the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring that organizations can navigate the complexities of identity and access management with confidence.

In a world where digital interactions are integral, ForgeRock remains at the forefront of safeguarding identities and enabling secure and frictionless user experiences, making it an essential partner for businesses striving to excel in today's interconnected environment.

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