Identiv is a global digital security and identification leader in the Internet of Things (IoT).


company location
Santa Ana, CA
Year founded

1990, IPO in 2021

Identiv is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in providing secure identification, authentication, and access control solutions for a wide range of industries. With a rich history of innovation dating back to its founding, Identiv has established itself as a leader in the field of physical and digital security.

At the core of Identiv's offerings is its commitment to creating trust in the digital world. The company develops and delivers a diverse array of products and solutions that enable secure access and communication. These include smart cards, RFID technology, NFC solutions, and software platforms designed to protect sensitive information and streamline authentication processes.

What sets Identiv apart is its adaptability to the evolving needs of the modern landscape. As technology constantly advances, so do the threats to security. Identiv remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently developing new solutions to address emerging challenges. Its team of experts collaborates closely with clients to create customized strategies that cater to the unique security requirements of various industries, such as government, healthcare, finance, transportation, and beyond.

Identiv's dedication to sustainability is also notable. The company integrates eco-friendly practices into its operations, ensuring that its solutions not only enhance security but also contribute to a more sustainable future. This commitment resonates with clients who seek partners aligned with their environmental and social values.

With a global presence, Identiv has established a reputation for reliability, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service. Its solutions empower businesses and organizations to protect their assets, data, and infrastructure while ensuring seamless user experiences. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Identiv remains a trusted partner, safeguarding the interconnected world through its innovative security solutions.

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