Register, manage, and trade your .shib web3 domains in one place. Integrated with the Shibarium ecosystem.

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Shibarium ID is a project focused on building a universal name service network and a comprehensive identity platform for web3 domains. In the rapidly evolving web3 landscape, decentralized identities have gained importance, leading to numerous domain name providers. Managing multiple domain identities has become complex, and existing NFT marketplaces are not optimized for trading domain NFTs.

Shibarium ID offers a comprehensive suite of features. It includes a centralized discovery hub allowing users to search across supported top-level domains (TLDs) and trending domain collections with auto-suggestions and quick registration status checks. Users can register web3 domains on ETH, BNB, Arb, and Shibarium ID Mainnet, beginning with .shib, .arb, . bnb, and  .eth domains. The platform also provides a specialized marketplace for trading  domains, consolidating liquidity from multiple sources. Additionally, there's a unified portal for streamlined management tasks like domain renewal, record-keeping, and ownership oversight.

Shibarium ID is aiming to successfully introduce the .shib Name Service on the Shibarium Chain, creating a community of domain holders. They are expanding this service to support multiple blockchains and TLDs, with partnerships expected to enhance the multi-chain name service.

The ultimate vision of Shibarium ID is to create a universal name service network, bridging decentralized identities and the digital/physical world. Although the journey towards this vision is challenging, each step brings them closer to becoming a comprehensive solution for universal digital identity.

Dedicated to funding a Sybil-proof experience across all digital platforms.

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